Soulvester VS Lil’ Beezey Free Download

Free Download Soulvester VS Lil’ Beezey

Title: Soulvester VS Lil’ Beezey

Genre: Action


Chaz Carter



Release Date: 17 Apr, 2023

About This Game

Lil’ Beezey Is Trying to Take Over Winkletown!

As Soulvester, you must fight off Lil’ Beezey’s army of Horrorballs and save Winkletown!

Take on the challenge now in this side scrolling shooter with roguelite elements, inspired by classic arcade games! Initially created in just 14 days for the #NoticeMe game jam 2022!

  • Full HD, lovingly animated 2D Visuals!
  • Fully voice-acted cutscenes and gameplay…get roasted by Lil’ Beezey as you close in on him!
  • Random Upgrades & Perks! Levelling up not only makes both you and the enemy stronger; each item gives Soulvester a unique cosmetic upgrade!
  • Full custom soundtrack!
  • Stat tracking! Check how many runs you’ve made, how many times you have beaten Lil’ Beezey, and how many Horrorballs you have mercilessly K.O’d.
  • Super accessible! Hit the arcade with only a two-button mouse required to play, or use your favourite controller!
  • Hours of fun at a pocket money price-point, all while supporting independent creators!

  • Steam Achievements!
  • Controller Support with on-the-fly-switching!
  • Additional Horrorball Skins!
  • New ‘Elite’ Horrorball enemy!
  • New Reticule graphics to choose from!
  • Quality of life fixes and general updates!
  • Steam Deck controller layout for perfect portable Horrorball slaying!


“Soulvester is an exceptionally fun scrolling shooter. Fast-paced action, great sense of humour, tons of polish.”
CSH Picone

Indie Game Lovers

“Simple, fast, polished, and addicting shmup roguelike. Really dig the artstyle. Extremely chaotic by endgame, you’ll feel pretty OP too. Also, the sound effects are very satisfying. Thumb way up!”
Cool Indies

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7+
    • Processor: 2ghz
    • Memory: 500 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Integrated graphics card or better
    • Storage: 80 MB available space
    • Sound Card: System sound card

Free Download Soulvester VS Lil’ Beezey

Full Game, pre-cracked. Latest update included.

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