Dice Knight: Mystery of the Moirai Free Download

Free Download Dice Knight: Mystery of the Moirai

Title: Dice Knight: Mystery of the Moirai

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG


Die of Death Games


Die of Death Games

Release Date: 11 Jun, 2021

About This Game

Dice Knight is a game where you play as a heroic knight armed with dice shooting guns. Explore a world where everything is about dice. Dice are used as money, bullets and even food. When mysterious happenings begin to occur fate summons you to save the day.


your way through crowds of enemies with several unique weapons which combine modern top down shooter gameplay with old school table top dice mechanics. Every weapon is different presenting you with multiple tools for different situations and a variety of playstyles to enjoy.


dangerous attacks by dodge rolling out of the way or with the skillful use of footwork. Running and gunning with no regard for your safety will get you killed very quickly in this game. Although many things in this RPG are determined by stats and dice rolls the combat of this game is entirely skill based.


dice off of slain enemies or from chests hidden away in dark places. Dice are the currency of the world and are used for everything from bullets to purchasing upgrades.


secrets hidden away from sight. These may include weapons, dice or secret lore. But be carful, things that are hidden are often also guarded.


your playstyle with special trinkets that affect how your weapons perform. Give them the ability to poison or stun enemies, heal yourself, fire additional bullets or even protect you from harm.


the stats of your character to adapt to the challenges ahead of you. Enhance your strength to better resist damage, poison and stuns. Enlighten your intelligence to give yourself more frequent and chaotic critical damage rolls. Or, hone your dexterity to increase your accuracy with all weapons as well as your damage with many of them. All stats will increase your ability to destroy enemies, but the manner in which they increase this ability is different giving a different style to your gameplay depending on your choices.


your weapons and armor to defeat the most challenging foes this world has to offer. Each weapon scales with different dice and different stats have different effects on them. Upgrades also have unique effects depending on the weapon.

Make Friends

to help you on your quest. You will meet many people throughout your quest. Your choices with how you interact with them will often have lasting consequences. Some may become allies while others may cast you away.


your decisions on the scale of luck vs certainty. Some decisions will increase the power of luck in the world while others will increase certainty. This affects almost every element of the game for you… and enemies.


dice in a dynamically shifting dice market. Each dice can be used for different things which means that by exchanging dice you can sculpt your resources to suit your needs. However, the market is always shifting; some trades may be very unprofitable while others may actually net you a profit.

Test your Skills

with 5 different difficulty levels. Even at a normal difficulty there are many who will find this game challenging. You can choose to explore the story on an easier difficulty or test your skills against the odds on the hardest difficulty.

Tread Carefully

brave knight. This world is full of color, best not paint it with your blood. Difficult foes make their way to stand in your path. To survive you must only ask yourself one thing: do you feel lucky?

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon Vega 8
    • Storage: 125 MB available space

Free Download Dice Knight: Mystery of the Moirai

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