What is education for all? Why there is a need of it?

What is education for all? Why there is a need of it?

You may be among many persons who heard about Education For All and might be wondering what it is and how it works. Today, when the education is main focus and governments, as well as NGOs, are focusing on making it available all across the globe, people want to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that their children get appropriate schooling. However, not all parts of the world have this awareness, and some areas also lack the resources. The EFA is among many initiatives by UNESCO and works to make learning opportunity available for everyone.

What is EFA?

EFA is a global initiative taken by the UNESCO which is United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The goal was to meet the study requirements of children and adults by the year 2015. The role of UNESCO is to plan ways through which EFA can achieve the target including its policies, the actions it will take, how and where the organization will work. There are many partners that are contributing to the efforts.

The main purpose of EFA is to put in action the eight Millennium Development Goals. Particularly, the MDG 2 and MDG 3 are targeted by the movement. These are the points that the primary education should be available for everyone all over the world, and there should not be any gender discrimination when it comes to studying. Seeing this, there was another movement known by the Fast Track Initiative which was set in order to accomplish the EFA goals and make it work more effectively.

It is not like the EFA is working and no one except the authorities of UNESCO are aware of its working. The officials organize and release a report that addresses the annual working of the organization. If you are interested in it, you can consider going to the official site of UNESCO where the report is available in the EFA section.

Why there is a need of it?

The educational goals are set up at the World Education Forum. In order to accomplish these goals, you need to involve the organizations and people that are willing to devote their time, money and other resources. We all know that the education is highly important and it should be in reach of everyone. The forums can address the problems and suggest their solutions. However, without the involvement of community and people that agree to work on a local and international level, one cannot achieve the target and eliminate the problem.

Thus, the EFA and other similar organizations work either alone or in collaboration with each other in order to ensure that the goals are achieved. If we rely on the government alone, it will be pretty hard for them. There are plenty of other things that are going along with education in a country. So, they have to focus on various issues. Therefore, at times, the government is not able to devote itself completely to the education sector. It is where the organizations like education for all come in handy as they take steps to make it certain that everyone receives appropriate schooling regardless of age and gender.