Significant problems of Arab world

Arab world also known as Arab states or Arab nation is a region consisting of people that speak Arabic or are from Arab Descent. In this state, all Arab countries are included such as Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, morocco and other Arab nations. These countries possess common aspects of culture. It consists of 22 countries from the world. West of this state is occupied with Atlantic Ocean. On the other hand, Arabian Sea is found in the east. North and south borders of this state are occupied by Mediterranean and Indian oceans.

Problems facing by Arab nations

It faces various problems for its development. Some of the significant problems include water scarcity, food import, and Global weather change. In addition, other problems are also observed by analysts whom countries have to face and accepted as challenges in the growth. We discuss some of the problems here.

Global weather change

Climate change globally affects Arab countries. This change in weather causes problems of desertification. Annual rainfall is lower in Arab states which cause these countries to be dry. This global weather change impacts greatly on the Middle East and North Africa region. Since MENA region is also known as Arab world unofficially, climate change affects Arab countries food production level.

Water scarcity

Arab countries face the problem of water scarcity. They do not possess sufficient water resources to maintain their life. These impacts on other living matters of people. Most of the water in these countries is used for irrigation purpose. Almost 80% of water availability is found for irrigation purposes. But there is a fact that water used for this purpose is not utilized efficiently. This is the reason behind water scarcity faced by people.

Import of food items

Arab countries face the problem of food deficiency. Most of the food items are imported from other countries. They need to import food products because they do not have resources for food production. Several reasons are included behind this problem facing. First, water scarcity leads them to not produce food. Shortage of water not only affects food production but also consumption for drinking by people. Secondly, annual rainfall in Arab countries is lower. Due to this reason, food production is lower enough to not sufficient for people in this nation.


Arab countries face unemployment among young people. The unemployment rate in Arab countries is 15%. People cannot find jobs to maintain their life. Public sector jobs are difficult to get by young people in Arab nations. Public sectors require along period of time for the recruitment of employees which causes unemployment in this state. They need to create more jobs for the welfare of people.

Poverty and illiteracy

More than 40% of the population in the Arab countries lies below poverty index. Many people earn only 2 dollars per day for fulfilling their daily needs. In addition, the majority of the population in these countries is illiterate.

So, Arab world faces significant problems for their development of economy and success of countries. These problems have to do a lot with challenges and need to be addressed on the governmental and individual level.